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Modern Murphy Beds

A modern Murphy bed will sometimes be known as a wall bed and even a flying bed. In fact these days you can actually buy a Murphy beds home office made using some of the finest timber available anywhere – pure executive opulence. So when looking for a way to update your sleeping situation, make […]

Antique Murphy Beds

Antique Murphy beds are also being sold in fine antique stores all over the country. Many of the original mechanisms still function and the cabinetry used to create the units can be quite beautiful. Buyers should remember, however, that a true Murphy bed is not going to be older than the invention, patented in 1900. […]

What are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are invented by William Lawrence Murphy ,bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet. To achieve this, the mattress is attached to the bed frame, often with elastic straps. Modern Murphy beds are used for space-saving purposes, much like a trundle bed. […]

Floor Mounting vs Wall Mounting Murphy Bed Mounting Options

Once you have chosen on what type of procedure you would like your Murphy bed to implement, the next phase is to consider the way in which the bed will be linked in the house. There are two ways to set up a Murphy bed. Floor Mounting Mounting to the Floor Some techniques need that […]