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Looking for a Murphy Bed Buy Modern Murphy Beds having high standard quality


Zoom-Room takes the Murphy Bed concept to a new level, offering a 21st century solution for convertible spaces. Unlike traditional wall beds, Zoom-Room is an electronic, remote controlled, guest bed solution that maximizes space without sacrificing decor.


A New Kind of Murphy Bed – How it Works

How does Zoom-Room, the electronic, remote controlled, Murphy Bed work? Europeans have known for years that bed frames made of bowed wooden slats outshine box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. Zoom-Room has taken this concept one step further to create the ultimate design solution for convertible spaces.

Touch the wireless remote, and Zoom-Rooms premium foam mattress floats into the room. Supported by a European style slatted frame, it simply glides down a vertical track hidden inside an elegant wood cabinet. Just 24″ deep, Zoom-Room is undetectable, and unlike other wall beds, does not interfere with your flat screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you have in front of it.


Wall Bed Sizes:

Zoom-Room wall beds are available in Queen Size only. Please order early to make sure we can delivery your wall bed to you in a timely manner.

Mattress Dimensions:

                                Width                                    Length

Queen                        4’ 11 ”                                     6’ 5 ½”



Mattress Comfort & Safety



The Zoom-Room wall bed is meticulously designed to conform to your body and eliminate all discomforting pressure points. 

Unlike other Murphy Bed designs, Zoom-Room’s slatted frame and premium foam mattress and ensure a refreshing and peaceful night’s rest.

 Zoom-Room’s beech wood slat base is scientifically calibrated to add support where you need it most – the neck and lower back – while offering a bit of give where curves occur naturally. Six of the twenty-eight slats are adjustable, allowing you to control how firm or soft your mattress will feel, and are connected to rubber slat mounting cups that offer just enough flexibility for a weightless, restful night. Proven materials, attention to detail, and European style design make Zoom-Room as comfortable as any bed in your home, a claim that other wall beds just can’t make.


Zoom-Room, the electronic, remote controlled, retractable wall bed is safe and requires no physical exertion to use.

 The wireless remote puts you in full control of the bed’s movements – just lift your finger and it stops.

There’s even a child safety lock that disables the remote until you decide to turn it back on.

In addition, the motors have battery backup to open the bed in case you lose electricity.

Zoom-Room Wall Bed Quality & Warranty

Zoom-Room Quality-

The Zoom-Room Murphy Bed’s premium foam mattress is manufactured under the strictest level of quality control. Maintaining their elasticity for decades, you’ll never experience mattress lumps or sagging, and as an added plus, the mattress never needs to be turned. The mattress covers are easily removed and can be washed repeatedly. Zoom-Room bed frames are constructed from premium beech wood slats. Slatted bed frames are the standard in Europe, and are designed to last a lifetime – in clear and comfortable contrast to finicky bedsprings. Each Zoom-Room has two easily accessible motors that are a model of efficiency and durability, with battery back-up to open the bed mechanism in case you lose electricity.

Mattress Warranty:
Zoom-Room has a 10-year limited warranty that covers the mattress, mechanism and motors. If it doesnt work, we replace it! Mattress covers will wear with time, and are available for separate purchase by calling your Authorized Zoom-Room Dealer .Cabinetry and cabinet elements are not covered by this warranty. 

Contact:By Mail


2121 North Bayshore Drive

Suite 709

Miami, FL 33137

Attn: Peter Medvin


By Telephone:  (888) 211-1120/ (305) 677-9148 

By Fax:  (305) 677-9278

Website: http://www.zoom-room.com/


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