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Improve your Home Décor with Electronic Murphy Bed

electronic, remote controlled, retractable guest bed

When you are living in your residence, it’s important to manage your place well. Beds have a large impact, so it is practical to pay attention to them when dealing with your location. There are many kinds of beds that give you more area and make your house more efficient.

A New Kind of Murphy Bed – How it Works

How does Zoom-Room, the electronic, remote controlled, Murphy bed work? Europeans have known for years that bed frames made of bowed wooden slats outshine box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. Zoom-Room has taken this concept one step further to create the ultimate design solution for convertible spaces.

Touch the wireless remote, and Zoom-Rooms premium foam mattress floats into the room. Supported by a European style slatted frame, it simply glides down a vertical track hidden inside an elegant wood cabinet. Just 24″ deep, Zoom-Room is undetectable, and unlike other wall beds, does not interfere with your flat screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you have in front of it.

Making Spaces

If you are located in a house where area is difficult to acquire, or you just want to have less space on your ground, then you might want to consider having a Murphy beds also known as pull-down beds. Murphy beds are those which can be saved top to bottom within cupboards or wardrobes or against the walls when not in use. This folding wall beds  are very efficient to use in everyday life.

Getting Privacy

If you live in a studio room or discuss in a bed room with roommates, you don’t have a lot of comfort, and individuals are always seated on your bed. With roommates, it can be difficult to organize rest daily activities, and often intervals your friend keeps you up. And in any little area, mild from electronics and sounds from the developing can make a less than perfect getting to relax environment.

Electronic Murphy bed is space-saving, both while within home and while travelling. They could take up less space of the home such as extra back support. It is for the actual factors of innovative and relaxation that these beds are so well-known in the marketplace.


About us:

Zoom-Room takes the Murphy Bed concept to a new level, offering a 21st century solution for convertible spaces. Unlike traditional wall beds, Zoom-Room is an electronic, remote controlled, guest bed solution that maximizes space without sacrificing decor.




2121 North Bayshore Drive

Suite 709

Miami, FL 33137

Attn: Peter Medvin


By Telephone:  (888) 211-1120/ (305) 677-9148 

By Fax:  (305) 677-9278

Website: http://www.zoom-room.com/


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